Welcome to the WinWater Home Mortgage LLC website.  WinWater was formed by a group of highly seasoned professionals to create a platform where product and process come together to partner with originators nationwide.  WinWater is not just another investor.  We are solely an aggregator of loans.  We are not your competition!
WinWater Home Mortgage LLC is engaged in purchasing, holding and securitizing residential mortgage loans.  WinWater does not contact mortgage loan borrowers or accept inquiries from individuals seeking mortgage loans.  WinWater is not an originator of mortgage loans.

Market Snapshot Approximately: 10-06-15 09:03 am
30yr TBAs 10/14/2015 15yr TBAs 10/19/2015 2yr UST   2yr Swaps 0.737




FNCI 2.5% 102.140625 3yr UST   3yr Swaps 0.983



106.703125 FNCI 3.0%


5yr UST   5yr Swaps 1.403
        7yr UST   7yr Swaps 1.729
FNCL 4.5% 108.578125 FNCI 3.5% 105.781250 10yr UST   10yr Swaps 2.053
FNCL 5.0% 110.265625 FNCI 4.0% 104.546875 30yr UST   30yr Swaps 2.598





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